Passi di Giò

Passi di Giò 2018

Passi di Giò is an organic wine made with dried grapes of an almost disappeared, rare variety.
It has a singular golden yellow color with amber reflections and an intense, piercing aroma, where strong hints of apricot and citrus fruits stand out.
Robust and hearty in the mouth, it presents a proper balance between alcohol, acidity and sugar levels that makes it taste sweet yet never cloying.

This wine refines for almost a year in small oak barrels. Only one-third of the wine is fermented and then rest in a single barrel made of Luserna stone.

Try it with blue and aged cheese, biscuits and desserts.

Passi di Giò is the GOLDEN STAR 2020 prize winning wine, awarded by Vini Buoni d’Italia guidebook.

Passi di Giò was crowned TOP of the TOP of straw wines in the TOP Hundred 2021 selection.