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L'Autin: Our story

L’Autin, our land

L’Autin pledges an unbreakable bond with the territory, as its name suggests; the term is a piedmontese dialect word for “vineyard”, a small wine-growing plot of land.

The winery is located at the border between the provinces of Cuneo and Torino, in an area overlooked by Monviso.. This mountain and the territory share their identity: strong, marked, as solid as its insignia, the Luserna Stone; a rock that has also affected Mauro Camusso’s life, the owner of the winery.

Our family, our history

L'Autin: Mauro ed Elisa Camusso, una storia di terra e famiglia.

Mauro Camusso

He is an agronomist who came in contact with the stone processing industry to support his wife Maura Beltramo, who runs the family-owned stone business “Beltramo F.lli.” This is how quarries, slabs and lamellar gneiss blocks became his primary occupation, even though his passion for wine remained strong.

In 2010 he founded the winery “L’Autin.” Once, wine making was merely a labor of love and wine was made for domestic consumption only. However, Mauro knew his own mind. He wanted to restore autochthonous grape varieties and local vineyards, as well as growing international varieties. Collaborate with expert oenologists to produce organic wines that tell tradition, land, elegance and perspectives with every sip.

Elisa Camusso

Elisa represents the new generation leading the wine company

A young and ambitious entrepreneur who, just like her father and grandfather, believes in the project of restoring indigenous grapes while preserving the cultural heritage, without leaving behind the importance of experimenting with international varieties, there in the area of Pinerolo, in the shadow of Monviso.

Being a student of Environmental Engineering, she draws on her knowledge to boost a 100% sustainable, organic production.

She is an AIS sommelier.

Out team, our strength

Placing a bet on an inaccessible area is always a risky undertaking. It’s not just about growing the recommended Pinerolese DOC red grape varieties, which includes a territory expanding all the way to the towns of Barge and Bagnolo, in the Cuneo province. It implies growing white grape varieties and international vines as well.

It’s a challenge, non only a gamble. It is a clear proof of our full engagement. One that starts with the building of a team where the members share their love for the land they belong to, their commitment to painstaking work and tireless dedication.